A Harvard graduate in public health, a physician by training, a high performance coach working in medicine/public health/research for over 20 years in Brazil and in the United States, Siglia has also pursued additional studies on metaphysics, healthy lifestyle, neuroscience, holistic practices and, visual arts as a venue for education and healing.

Siglia is someone who has been curious about life, traveled around the world, and has used her studies to better understand the connection among science/ spirituality/healthy living, purposeful life and inner transformation to create and design  an intentional and meaningful life at the individual and global levels.




As a Brazilian young medical student, she experienced the last years of dictatorship in Brazil, the social changes that followed and the sense of lost identity not only as a country but as individual  after the political turmoil towards democracy.

As a result, since her young years, she has developed an yearning for learning new paradigms that would make more sense when dealing with changes, diversity, emotions, uncertainty and fear. The intention behind all these initiatives have always been to live a more purposeful and happy life while helping others with their own search for purpose and well being. 

After graduation from medical school and years of practice in Brazil, she moved to the United States and got a Masters degree in Public Health and a MBA degree years later. Professionally, her focus has been on healthy lifestyle (mental, physical, emotional), clinical research, self development and high performance coaching (trained by Brendon Burchard, High Performance Institute).




In the last decades, researchers, scholars, neuroscientists, philosophers have proved what mystics have known for centuries: Everything is intertwined at the core level.

And this truth has inspired Siglia  to keep studying, searching and learning. Gradually she has blended all her professional background with her personal experiences and beliefs including visual arts (film production) for education to reach out people and communities.

This approach has been the soul of her work as a health care/public health professional and a high performance/life transition coach.


                         WHAT'S GOING ON NOW? and  WHAT'S NEXT?


She has dedicated her time for coaching in high performance/healthy lifestyle, consulting, work in clinical research and ongoing energy/neuroscience studies.

Regarding her coaching and consulting work, Siglia has also designed a Retreat in Italy for groups to go deeper (while having fun) with their self development work and professional strategic plans (next one: May/2019) 

Siglia supports several initiatives where art (e.g., film/digital series, sustainable production in fashion) is used as a platform to spread health messages (e.g, mental health) and to increase awareness on important human principles (sustainability, human rights, healthy eating).

She is also currently writing her first book about life transitions and tools to help people navigate during times of uncertainty. This book is a compilation of different subjects, studies and practices on traditional and complimentary/alternative medicine, self-development and metaphysics to help people further with their personal transformation.

And she is trying to learn Italian ... But this is a whole different story ...


                                 SHE WOULD LOVE TO CONNECT WITH YOU!





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Siglia posts themes during the week (how-to videos, articles, motivational reminders, news on my events) that interest those who like her are curious about life, about the world of potential opportunities we can all embrace once we decide to learn more and live fully!!

She believes you will find the contents useful for your future plans.

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