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  • A Harvard graduate in public health - Major: International Health.
  • A physician by training (MD license from Brazil - Residency in Internal Medicine and Cardiology)
  • Has worked for almost 18 years in American biotech and pharmaceutical companies as medical monitor and clinical researcher (drug and vaccine development - global clinical trials).
  • Has also collaborated with nonprofit organizations in public health projects in the US.
  • Additional studies: on metaphysics, healthy lifestyle, neuroscience, holistic practices and, visual arts as a venue for education and self-development.
  • Certified high performance coach trained directly by the writer and coach Brendon Burchard (annual re-certification)
  • At a personal level: Siglia is someone who has been curious about life, traveled around the world, and has used her studies to better understand the connection among science/ spirituality/healthy living, purposeful life and inner transformation to create and design an intentional and meaningful life for communities and individually.
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English. She lives in the United States with her family.



You can contact Siglia at [email protected] or IG, FB, Linkedin.