I can help you develop High Performance Habits, a Mindset for a Healthy Lifestyle and, a Strategic Plan for a Sustainable, Meaningful Professional and/or Personal Life Transition


I'm passionate about supporting people who are planning or going through major life changes in a holistic manner.

Transitions should be an opportunity to expand our perspectives by seeing beyond the circumstances for inner growth and fulfillment.

My resume includes graduate degrees and work in medicine, public health, metaphysics, neuroscience, high performance coaching, creative arts for over 20 years in Brazil and in the United States. (See 'About' page)

I have also significant personal experience as a woman, a mother who has learned a lot through transitions and meaningful changes. Some of these lessons rely on  the importance of looking for support from people who share not only the same mindset for purpose and happiness but also the same yearning for meaningful life transformation.

Come with me!

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Healthy Mindset & Lifestyle

How intentionally do you want to live your life? 

Science explains that our actions are usually led by 90-95% of the unconscious mind where our past emotions and experiences lie. The concern with this data is the fact that those emotions and experiences are most of times geared towards chaos, emotional addiction and traumatic circumstances.

However, there are several scientifically proved practices and tools to help you refine the quality of your life. This is the kind of knowledge we can apply to our daily routines and leave the 'automatic pilot' way of life, that is, a life almost completely led by past traumas and emotional chaos/addiction. 

Bringing intention to shift your mindset and lifestyle is a conscious decision that can greatly change the way you conduct your life.

Having a healthy mindset and lifestyle (habits) will ultimately support your vision to bring the satisfaction, high performance and meaning you are looking for.

Recondition your Brain

Are you stuck in your old stories regarding what you should do and be? And, as a result you are always frustrated with your work, lifestyle and relationships?

We have power over our mind and bodies physiology by reconditioning our brain patterns through many tools including intentional meditation, creative thoughts, high performance habits, neuroscience principles, for a healthier, better and more intentional life.

You decide  to transform your life.

I am here to help and support.  



Heart - Intuitive Intelligence

Do you want to improve the quality of your decision-making processes? And your intuition?

Heart intelligence is a high level of awareness  that is activated once the brain and emotions are in alignment (coherent) with the heart.

 It can be very powerful when using the emotional and neurological intelligence of the heart.

I would love to help. I know how.

High Performance Habits

Are you clueless about which habits you need to change to achieve the success and happiness you want? 

High Performance Habits and Neuroscience Principles help us to recondition our thinking and ultimately our actions towards to what matters to our lives.

High performers are people who are able to pursue their dreams (in any aspect of life) in a consistent and sustainable manner.

High performance habits keep your focus on what means the most to you in a long run.

Besides my medical and public health background, I'm also a High Performance coach certified by the Brendon Burchard's Institute.

How can I help you?

Follow your Curiosity, Find your Purpose

Would you like to find your purpose in life?

Most of times, we don't have enough clarity to know exactly how to change what no longer benefits us.

But, curiosities and behavioral patterns give a hint of some of our hidden subconscious real needs. When paying attention to them, the 'How' gradually unfolds and clarity shows up.

I can help.

Retreats and Community

If you want to go deeper in your self development work and strategic planning for your career/life, what about getting away for few days in a retreat to FOCUS on YOU?

Sometimes we just need to get away for a short period of time, meet with like-minded people, talk and learn together while enjoying meaningful moments in a fun atmosphere.

I offer small, exclusive retreats in places I like and know well as perfect backgrounds for deep conversations as part of a program I prepare for each of them ...  but informally, with some surprises to make it really fun while growing our consciousness.  

Join us! You will love it.

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