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Hi, I'm Siglia Diniz

... and if you're feeling overwhelmed, lost and anxious,
I understand how you feel...

My story and how I can help ...

I'm Siglia Diniz, a Brazilian-American woman and mother, a Harvard graduate (MPH), MBA, MD by training, a certified high performance coach/mentor & founder of the TransformativIDEAS, LLC which is my small consulting and coaching business.
After working in hospitals and clinics for 10 years in Brazil, endless hours and without much information on self-care I felt drained and distant from myself, my dreams and needless to say ... distant from my family and friends. I felt really lost and depressed.
At that time I had plans for doctorate studies in Canada, but for personal reasons, I moved to the United States for additional academic studies that led me to clinical research in biotech companies in the US and a love for public health. I also got interested to learn more about the human spirit and the subconscious motivations  and for the reasons individual motivation for success and happiness.
Years later, I continued my studies in relation to metaphysics, neurosciences, meditation and I got a high performance coaching certification from the High Performance Institute, being trained directly by Brendon Burchard, one of the most well-recognized and talented high performance coaches in the US. I joined a select group of 700 elite Certified High Performance Coaches in the world.
So, as a woman, I know how hard it is to feel lost, overwhelmed and pressured to become almost a 'super woman' at the expenses of our health, peace, wealth and joy resulting in bad health, low quality of life, poor productivity at work and the end of dreams.
And this has been my motivation to help my clients to move their ideas to realized dreams by guiding them to combine their passion and purpose and take inspired action. Including women in science and those working in clinical trials.
They then can have the positive and meaningful impact they seek in their lives and careers, with their families and friends, and in the world.

Would you like to take your life and business/career to the next level? If so, see below instructions & send me an email for a free session: [email protected]

If you want a complimentary session with me to see if my High Performance Coach program is for you, CLICK BELOW to fill out a coaching strategy (writeable) questionnaire.

SAVE IT and SEND IT TO [email protected] with your availability (days and times) for a session in the next 3 weeks.



I can help your team and individuals with: 

  • Professional Transition,
  • Strategic Plans, Higher Productivity planning based on Neuroscience principles, High Performance Habits, my 17+ years of corporate experience and Executive MBA instructions ... but mainly I'll optimize the creative thinker within you for your success.
  • Explore other online and in-person opportunities to improve your business' productivity and individual's performances.
  • Retreats for self development and business strategies (and for some relaxation and fun of course!!) if you chose this approach (to be customized as needed)

I have worked for academia, corporate companies, non profit organizations and with individual clients either online or in-person (total: 20+ years) with the firm mentality that higher productivity and positive results can be transformative and profitable in the long run when based on: diverse ideas, a vision and purposeful intentions. 

I customize my coaching and consulting programs to address your needs and your industry.



Healthy Mindset & Lifestyle


How intentionally do you want to live your life? 

Science explains that our actions are usually led by 90-95% of the unconscious mind where our past emotions and experiences lie. The concern with this data is the fact that those emotions and experiences are most of times geared towards chaos, emotional addiction and traumatic circumstances.

However, there are several scientifically proved practices and tools to help you refine the quality of your life. This is the kind of knowledge we can apply to our daily routines and leave the 'automatic pilot' way of life, that is, a life almost completely led by past traumas and emotional chaos/addiction. 

Bringing intention to shift your mindset and lifestyle is a conscious decision that can greatly change the way you conduct your life.

Having a healthy mindset and lifestyle (habits) will ultimately support your vision to bring the satisfaction, high performance and meaning you are looking for.

Recondition your Brain


Are you stuck in your old stories regarding what you should do and be? And, as a result you are always frustrated with your work, lifestyle and relationships?

We have power over our mind and bodies physiology by reconditioning our brain patterns through many tools including intentional meditation, creative thoughts, high performance habits, neuroscience principles, for a healthier, better and more intentional life.

You decide  to transform your life.

I am here to help and support.  


Heart Intelligence


Do you want to improve the quality of your decision-making processes? And your intuition?

Heart intelligence is a high level of awareness  that is activated once the brain and emotions are in alignment (coherent) with the heart.

 It can be very powerful when using the emotional and neurological intelligence of the heart.

I would love to help. I know how.


"Her tremendous ability to motivate people is a rare finding. Her knowledge helped me make some difficult decisions within the company. A true leader and, most importantly, an empathetic and humanity-filled human being"

Jasmine Gregorian, Clinical Researcher - San Diego, CA

"Siglia is a person with great achievements in her personal and professional life, and these are some of the reasons I chose her to be my coach. For me, she is a model of human being and woman which inspires me as a mentor. I completely trust Siglia because I know she makes a difference in my life."

Lilia Newman, Speech Language Pathologist - New York City, NY - Website:

"Siglia was instrumental in my journey. Through her high sensitivity, she was able to identify exactly what I needed to improve and take me to the next level of my career. I had wonderful ideas with her help, which allowed me to move forward with my projects and personal development. Thank you for coming my way and for helping me so much!."

Viviane Caufield, Life Coach - New York City, NY - Instagram: @vivirocha

If you want to get a Free Life Assessment Tool for self-analysis to help you achieve your future goals, enter your information here for instant access. 

This tool is based on:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Neuroscience principles (to help you remove old mental commands and rewire your brain with a new mentality for money, success and happiness)
  • High performance habits

Are you in a life transition? or maybe you just want to take your life to the next level but don't know how? Is your team in need of motivation for higher productivity?

If so, you will love this tool.


Siglia Diniz



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