Assisi and Cortona, Italy - June 6 - 10th, 2018!!



How Would you Feel if you Could Go Away for 5 days to Have an Empowering

Soul Searching Experience, Yoga and be Helped to Build

a Purposeful Strategy for the Future you Want? 







1) If you NEED CLARITY and COHERENCE in your Life Now


2) If you are in a LIFE TRANSITION and look for a sense of PURPOSE  and Direction for the  NEXT Phase in your LIFE




4) Or If you ONLY NEED SOME TIME AWAY to Feel PEACE Within and to Enjoy the Present Moment 




You won't Want to Miss this Very Special Retreat and Experience with Siglia and Lydie in an exclusive small group



Because at the end of this retreat, you will GET:


1.             Practical tools and skills based on Principles of Intentional Meditation and Neuroscience, High Performance Habits and Conscious Lifestyle, Yoga Philosophy and Practice to greatly improve the quality of your Personal and Professional Life.


2.              Individual High Performance/Business Coaching Session in Assisi with Siglia (and a Follow up Skype session) so that you have a Roadmap to help you Identify your PURPOSE and How to Implement your Upcoming Plans with CONFIDENCE.  

3.                  You will be immersed into the Culture and Mysticism of Assisi by learning stories told by your hostesses in the context of the Pursuit of a Meaningful Life which is still Pertinent in the Modern World, specially when comes to the Challenges faced by Women. 

You will also Visit Cortona in Tuscany, a medieval Etruscan city, where 'Under the Tuscan Sun' was written and filmed ... You will experience a fun day of food, wine (or juices if you prefer), camaraderie, some shopping, and a light agenda for us to talk about about Women, Love and Choices as explored by the writer Frances Mayes. 


4.    You will be so rested as you haven't been for long time .. You will feel the warm breeze from the wide open Umbrian Valley, smell the scents, taste great food, experience a different culture outside the big cities (even from the Italian perspective this is awesome), and have an unique sensation of stepping in a place where so many people have lived, loved, prayed for centuries ... 

But mostly, you will SLOW DOWN, for few days, to feel alive and present without the noise we are all surrounded by on a daily basis.

This is a gift for your SOUL .. and this is PRICELESS.



Day 1 - June 06, 2018 (Wednesday)

1 PM - Transfer from the Rome airport (FCO) to Assisi early afternoon in a private transportation with a local driver.

5 PM - Siglia and Lydie will host you at the Hotel Giotto for initial presentations and our first conversation about Transformation, Yoga and Stories of Assisi (and Cortona) in the context of Purpose and High Performance for women.

7 PM: Dinner at the hotel followed by a short walk to a nearby place (TBD) and a talk under the stars.

PS - The agenda with more specifics on all talks will be given prior to the retreat start.

Note that even with the agenda, the talks themes, throughout the retreat, may vary a little bit in scope to accommodate the group's questions and to include insights in relation to something unique that might be happen unexpectedly at that time in Assisi and Cortona.

Also note, that we call our gatherings as 'talks' and not 'classes' ... We refrain from calling them 'classes' because we believe we are all teachers to each other, our role in this retreat is to bring our expertise to this experience and facilitate the conversations.

Day 2 - June 7, 2018 (Thursday)

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Breakfast at Giotto Hotel followed by Meditation, Yoga and a 30 minute conversation before our first walk/talk.

10 AM: Departure from the hotel to walk to the San Damiano area. Here is where the magic begins ... the famous church re-built by Francis of Assisi with his own hands, years later was the refuge of the Clare of Assisi ...

Santa Chiara, the monastery, the field of olive trees looking at the valley of the Umbria. 

The theme of today is: Tools, skills and mindset necessaries to start over in order to live authentically and in contentment - We will also explore a conversation to differentiate contentment vs happiness .. myths, traps and what to do about it.

1 PM - 2 PM:  Lunch

Free afternoon

7 PM - Dinner at hotel, Talk and Meditation to close the day

Free Night (Want to do something together? Just tell me)

Day 3 - June 08, 2018 (Friday)

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM: Breakfast at Giotto Hotel followed by Meditation, Yoga and a 30 minute conversation before our first walk/talk.

9:30: Departure today for the Eremo delle Carceri - This is a monastery located on the top of Mount Subasio. The view from the Eremo is to die for ... or should I say to live for?

In this environment full of stories of faith and brotherhood we will talk about Commitment .... to our Truth ... How, Why, Does it Matter?

In this place, St Francis and his companions lived for a while in the caves (prior to the Eremo construction), after leaving San Damiano (Long story, I'll tell you all about it) ... to pursue more Clarity through solitude and meditation and then be confident to make a deeper Commitment to himself and his faith ..

... Which takes us to a talk about: The interconnection between Commitment and Clarity .. and How to get Clarity in times of Change and Fear? 

What is our commitment today and from now on with ourselves, our dreams, our beloved ones?

1 PM - 2 PM: Lunch

Free afternoon

7 PM - Dinner at hotel, Talk and Meditation to close the day.

Free Night

Day 4 - June 09, 2018 (Saturday)


Before 8 AM: Breakfast at the hotel individually. Today we won't meet at the hotel for our Talk/Yoga/Meditation, this will be done later in the day.

8 AM - We meet in front of the hotel after breakfast for a short walk to take our private transportation - Note that larger cars are not allowed to drive on most streets of Assisi, however the walk will be brief 10 -15 minutes to the bus.

8:30 AM: The bus leaves for Cortona

In Cortona, we will have a flexible agenda. We may visit (from outside) the house of the American writer Francis Mayes (who wrote 'Under the Tuscan Sun') and look at the surroundings ... But for sure, we will explore the Piazza, the little streets, and have our talk over lunch about Women, Love and Choices.

6 PM: Return to Assisi

Dinner at the hotel - Note that, as in all other nights, dinner is included but the group will not meet for dinner and for a talk, after arriving from Cortona. The idea is to give you some time , to have some rest and unwind on your own.

Free night

Day 5 - June 10, 2018 (Sunday)

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM: Breakfast at hotel Giotto followed by Meditation, Yoga and a 30 minute talk before our walk.

Check out the hotel before we leave for our last walk/talk in this retreat.

10 AM: Walk to the basilica of San Francisco. 

Regardless of the spiritual path you follow or do not follow, this is a space of reflection and deep beauty. 

1 PM - Our last lunch together this season.

The retreat is officially closed at 4 PM (or around 4 PM)

... C'mon we will be on a Sunday day in Italy, there is a chance we won't close exactly at 4PM ... but around 4PM to be more realistic.

DISCLOSURE: After returning from the Basilica, the restaurant chosen for lunch may be different from the photographies depending on availability.

See you next time.

We already miss you all!!

Reserve your place!! ONLY 5 SPOTS!!


                      Lydie Ometto and Siglia Diniz



I love learning, traveling, being around like-minded people, having retreats to go deeper within and obviously, I adore Italy ... especially Assisi and it was love at first sight, since I went there for the first time 14 years ago during a major transition in my life. After several vacations in Assisi, I even lived there for 3 months. 

I'm a health care professional: a  MD (and former scientist), I have a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University, and a MBA from the University of California, Irvine, in addition to being a Certified High Performance coach directly trained by Brendon Burchard.

And for over 20 years,  I've studied and engaged in activities in the areas of Personal Development, Neuroscience ('Law of Attraction'), Holistic Therapies, Meditation, Spirituality, Heart Intelligence, Healthy Lifestyle and High Performance Habits. 

I live in California, and consider myself as being a multicultural person given the fact I'm a Brazilian/American woman with some Italian heritage. I'm a mother of an adult daughter who is the love of my life. More information about me:

I am available for any question:

[email protected]  or skype: Siglia Diniz or instagram: @sigliadiniz 




Lydie is an experienced yoga teacher (e-500RYT) who sees yoga as her walk of life-her passion.

She has studied with many of the leading voice of yoga worldwide, and she honors the love and support from all her students and practice ‘buddies’.

Lydie is an Integrative Yoga Therapist, Registered Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (RPYT) and a voice with International Association of Yoga Therapy as a C-IAYT and she is constantly deepening her studies in life, wellness, holistic living, women transitions and joyful awakening.
Her background as a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist (BR) and Energy Work define her awareness and knowledge expressed during her classes and workshops, where she also combines her love for nature and the overall Divine creation. Within her teaching an eclectic array of styles are blended in gentle, focused, balanced, harmonious, powerful and flowing movements of all bodies and in particular the ‘subtle aspects of them’.

Due to her 14 years as a Yoga Studio owner and the director of InnerSeaYoga Teacher Training Programs, she well understands the beauty and the urgency of embracing yoga in every aspects of our life towards enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

Besides leading international yoga and transformational retreats, she is active in her Yoga & Wellness Coaching programs plus as the author of “The Top 10 Yoga Mudras & Siddhartha” and the producer of 5 yoga DVD and on-line courses, she loves to keep on sharing and inspiring.

Lydie lives in Tennessee.

For more information visit Lydie's websites:




Mariana has a BA in Marketing and Advertisement, and an AA Professional Designation in Merchandise and Product Development from FIDM Los Angeles, having worked in the Fashion and in the Advertisement Industry for over 7 years.           

She lives in California.

She has helped with the operational aspects of this retreat in addition to helping with the website design and ads.

Mariana will assist Siglia and Lydie during the retreat in Italy to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible for you to have a wonderful and relaxing experience during your stay in Italy.




Our retreat is mainly about the EXPERIENCE of talking, walking, meditating, yoga, feeling the Italian fields and streets, their stories, their people and, free time to reflect on our own purpose ...
And to support you in this journey, it was important to provide a beautiful and comfortable, unhurried place for your stay ... and  with this intent in mind, I chose the Giotto Hotel. 
This traditional hotel in Italy, since 1899, is located in the historic center of Assisi, with a wonderful view of the Umbrian Valley. It is not super fancy but it is a 4 star hotel, with a spa club, award-winning restaurants and a cellar, business center.





During those 5 days it will be difficult to resist the delicious food served in Assisi and Cortona. The quality of the cuisine alone is already an EXPERIENCE per se.
The breakfasts and dinners at the hotel can be served either at the balcony or in their elegant restaurant decorated with stone arches from the 14th century. 
We will have our lunches in typical Umbrian restaurants in Assisi and on Saturday, we will experience the Tuscan cuisine in Cortona.
Italians are famous for knowing how to enjoy their meals and how to honor their gatherings around food; So, we will enjoy our meals the same way locals do ... unhurried, with time to appreciate the present moment.




a) You could come earlier to Italy and stay in ROME for few days before the retreat ... Not only you would be sightseeing one of the most beautiful cities in the world but also you would be rested for the retreat ... No jet lag ..

Then, on June 6th, you just show up at the FCO (Rome International Airport) to pick up the Retreat's transfer to Assisi.

b) AFTER THE RETREAT, I suggest that you take a train or a bus to PERUGIA (20 miles from Assisi), the capital of Umbria. This is another medieval city with a balanced amount of modernity as seen in its university programs, culinary and art galleries. The city is gorgeous.

And if you are in the mood, Perugia is the place where the 'Italian kiss' (Baccio Perugina) chocolates are made ... you don't want to miss it.

Then, from Perugia you can take the train (or a car) and EXPLORE THE SMALL CITIES AND VILLAGES around in Umbria and/or go to Tuscany ... you can do this in a day or more days, depending on your availability and interests. 

One more tip ... in Umbria, there is the largest lake in Italy: LAKE TRASIMENO where you can take a boat to visit small islands around. It is where nature meets ancient history. Very easy to visit for a day.

              Second Suggestion

a) You arrive in Italy on June 6th and take the Retreat's transfer to Assisi as planned.

b) AFTER THE RETREAT, you can take the train in Assisi (only 2 hours) to FLORENCE in Tuscany ... the birth of art in the world, David from Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri's house among so many other attractions. 

And once in Tuscany, you can either get a tour or rent a car and visit many other places in the heart of Italy, such as: PISA, SIENA, LUCA, AREZZO  and so many other wonderful small cities and villages in TUSCANY, full of beauty, history, great food and lovely people.

PS - If you don't want to drive, I know a company located in Assisi that could take you to several places around ... it is just a referral, not part of the retreat, but it is an option, and I highly recommend them.

Third Suggestion

If you are interested in the religious (spiritual) sites around Umbria and Tuscany, and beyond, there are several beautiful cities and valleys where St Francis and his companions also lived and worked in addition to other spiritual places.


Before leaving Assisi, you can visit Santa Maria Degli Angeli, a city very close to Assisi, where St Francis died and also where St Clara was hosted when left her parent's home. Beautiful.

Then, you can take a car or train and go to places such as: POGGIO BUSTONE (Province of Rieti), LA FLORESTA and The Sacred Valley, GUBBIO, GRECCIO (where the first nativity scene for Christmas was created by St Francis), LA VERNA among other places.

There are also cities worthy visiting: Siena (St Catherine), Province of Foggia to visit Padre Pio's work and sites (It is around 200 miles from Assisi but you can add a visit to the nearby cities in the Adriatic coast); 

And you can finish your trip, by including the Vatican when visiting Rome before heading back home.

There are so many sites in Italy where Christianity was embraced by the first mystic Christians, who lived authentic lives. They are great places to visit and enjoy the energy you may feel just for being there, in addition to their history, great people and the usual awesome regional food and wine you can find wherever you go in Italy.  

In summary, regardless of your religion or beliefs, you will have a beautiful and uplifting experience by visiting these places. 

Forth Suggestion

a) You arrive in Italy on June 6th and take the Retreat's transfer to Assisi as planned.

b) AFTER THE RETREAT, you can take a train (4-5 hours) to MILAN ... and you will be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world ... one of the main points of fashion. There you can visit also LAKE COMO (maybe George Clooney and Amal, who are local residents, are at home) and who knows ... you can even take a car, a short one hour drive to the SWISS BORDER and spend a day in the beautiful city of LUGANO.

b) In Milan, you can take a one day tour for CINQUE TERRE, one of the most beautiful places in Italy .. 5 villages considered the Italian Riviera ... I even think you won't be able to resist and will spend a night or two in Cinque Terre before going back to Milan.

Going to Milan, you can also explore further the north of Italy and go to places such as VENICE and so on.

c) If not Milan ... You can go south from Assisi and take a transportation and go to POSITANO .. one of the most famous summer spots in Italy.

And if you have extra time, as you are already in the south of the country, you can go from Positano to SICILY (around 400 miles) which is a whole different kind of trip ... unforgettable for sure. You choose.




  • The 4 star Giotto Hotel accommodations in Individual rooms with a private bathroom, 6-10 June, 2018. (Photos below)

  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) being, Breakfast and Dinner at the Hotel Giotto and lunches elsewhere in Assisi and Cortona as pre-determined by the retreat team (Assisi lunches: on Thursday, Friday and Sunday; and in Cortona on Saturday) Alcoholic beverages not included unless specified otherwise by the retreat.

  • Cortona trip on Saturday: Transportation, lunch, some sightseeing (TBD), Siglia and Lydie will accompany the group for the whole day for talks around the themes of this trip.

  • All the daily talks, yoga practice at the hotel and daily walks to some places in Assisi where additional talks and practices will be conducted by Siglia and Lydie as per agenda. 

  • Transfer from the Rome Airport (FCO) to Assisi on June 6th at 1 PM.

  • 2 Sessions of High Performance/Business coach with Siglia (one in Assisi and a follow up session)

  • A private facebook page with the group and with Siglia and Lydia for 6 months to deepen any discussions around the themes experienced during the retreat.

  • One free ticket (U$ 1,000.00 value) for the Brendon Burchard's 4 day event called High Performance Academy (HPA) in the US. It can be used in 2018 or 2019. Hotel, food and Transportation for the HPA are not included. 







  • Your round-trip airline tickets from your country to Italy,

  • Alcoholic beverages, and any drink at the cellar of the hotel, any drink (coffee, water, juices) at the bar of the hotel.

  • Personal expenses,

  • Meals and drinks outside of the meals specified in the schedule (breakfast, lunch and dinner),

  • Tips for waiters and drivers,

  • Transfer to the train station and airport at the end of the retreat,

  • Travel and health insurance,

  • Medical expenses of any nature.

  • SPA Services at the Giotto Hotel 

  • Food and drinks in your fridge at your room and/or any other items sold by the hotel and/or outside the hotel, room service and extra expenses of personal shopping, additional food and drinks on your own outside the retreat program. 

  • The suggestions given for trips before and after the retreat.                                

                            I am available for any question:

[email protected] or skype: sigliadiniz or instagram: @sigliadiniz. 

                            I will love to talk to you !!






We can't forget this!!



  • 30% discount on any of Siglia's coaching programs and Lydie's programs.
  • 10% discount on any future retreat (Siglia's and/or Lydie's events)  if registered until June/2019. 
  • Additional readings to support your journey
  • Kit 'Tutte Le Direzioni' 


ASSIS - Province of Perugia, Umbria

Assisi is located in the Umbria region, less than an hour from Tuscany and two hours from Rome by car. Its beauty, charm and history captivate our heart while instigate our curiosity and imagination. Impossible not to be enchanted by this magical region.

CORTONA - Province of Arezzo, Tuscany

Cortona is one of the oldest medieval cities in Italy, it is said to have over two thousand year-old. It was one of the centers of the Italian Unification almost two centuries ago. It has so much charm and and character all around.


"In my opinion, Siglia Diniz is a high achiever person in her personal and professional life and that is why I chose her to be my High Performance Coach. My testimonial is not just about our new relationship as coach x client but as an observer of her consistent growth in life. I've known Siglia for more than 20 years back from our home country, Brazil. When I met Siglia, she was working as a cardiologist in the hospitals in Brasilia, DF. Fast forwarding a few years later, we were both living in the United States and I was very lucky to keep in touch with her closely ... she wasn't just determined to go back to school in the US but she chose to to go back to school in Harvard! There she obtained her first masters degree in the US. It was in public health. panies as well in non-profit organizations... It is not just these accomplishments in her career that gets my profound respect and deep admiration for her but also her eagerness to always continue studying and learning other disciplines: like getting a second Masters degree in Business and like going to Film school and starting to write/direct short movies projects on her own ... and also I just didn't know that she was getting the training to be a coach herself. That's when I raised my hand wanting to be one of the first clients. Because for me she is a model, a woman to be inspired by and a mentor. I totally trust Siglia Diniz as a coach and I know she will make a difference in my life. Thanks Siglia!"

Lilia Newman
M.S., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist Bilingual certified (Spanish-Portuguese) Director of Communicate Better. Brooklyn, NY

"I started my coaching process with Silgia when I needed clarity about my career path. Siglia is super smart, asked me great questions, gave me great ideas and did not pressure me to do things that had nothing to do with who I am, she did the opposite: she helped me to create things that were in accordance with my soul. After our sessions, I was much more productive and my mind was not confused anymore because of how strong her clarity sessions were with me. I absolutely loved OUR results. Something else I must say: she has the knowledge, she knows what she is doing but the way she does is unique because there is a heart in her work, she is present, she was there thinking about my process and my needs in every session we had."

Carol Herr
Life Coach and Online Influencer; IG:@ cajuinaefrevo; (Português/Inglês)

"Siglia has been fundamental on my journey. Through her sharp perception and high sensibility, she was able to identify exactly what I needed to improve myself and to fly higher. I had many wonderful insights with her help which allowed me to make progress with my projects and personal development. I thank her for coming my way and for helping me so much!"

Viviane Caufield
Life Coach - (Português/Inglês)

"I truly believe all of us are facing changes in life. Some are more obvious than others. Siglia has been on a journey that she made important changes. Even though I just knew her recently, starting the coaching process with her, I felt she has the authority to support us in made changes to a High Performance life, due to the process she have been through. I discuss my targets and process in depth and she guided me with a lot of useful tools and reflections. She is a professional who makes a difference in our lives"

Mariana Rolim
Human Resources and EHES, Sales area Brazil

COME WITH US - YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS EXPERIENCE!! You deserve some time for yourself!



First landscape photo on this site was used with permission from Ingrid Henzler, writer and poet who lives in Assisi, Italy.

Additional personal photos, and public photos were utilized with permission from the site and (paid subscription) websites; Also Photos from the Giotto Hotel's website and its instagram were used with permission. 



- Any cancellation at any time will result in a total loss of the $700 USD deposit.

- Any cancellation made after May 15th will result in a total loss of funds.

- We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit and your payment are refunded in full).

- Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options. This insurance should be purchased by you, the retreat does not cover this expense.



1) This retreat involves walks in Assisi and Cortona. Although they are short walks (average: 30 minutes walk) and of mild intensity, Assisi and Cortona are old cities whose narrow streets are made of ancient stones, hills and stairs which may require additional physical effort. Therefore, due to the nature of this trip and the specifics of both cities architecture, unfortunately, we can't accommodate people who have difficulties to walk, breathe and to accompany the group during those short walking trips in both cities.

2) We will ask that you refrain from using cell phones, tablets and computers during the talks and retreat activities in order to keep a respectful and relaxing atmosphere to all.

3) The retreat team will ask the participants to respect each other’s confidentiality. Therefore, everything that is talked and shared during the retreat should remain confidential.

4) We will not tolerate disrespectful, violent and abusive behavior towards the retreat participants and towards those working with us and in the cities we visit during this retreat. In case of any problems with anyone, please talk to Siglia and Lydie. If an impasse occur and your behavior persists and is considered unacceptable, we will ask you to leave and your payment will not be refunded. 

5) This retreat aims to be a safe place to everyone and a seed of meaningful conversations within this newly formed small community of women to help each other through transitions and/or just to learn further to help each other to improve our consciousness and the quality of everyone's lives. Please be considerate to each other, enjoy the journey and have one of the best experiences of your life!! You deserve it!! 




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